Sponsoring Christian Anarchy

For anyone interested, there is a little experiment going on over at Pete Orchards blog - an act of christian anarchism, if you will, a co-opting of evil in an attempt to overcome it with good, ala Romans 12.

Sounds grand to me!

Tom Waits

God builds a church
The devil builds a chapel
Like the thistles that are growing round the trunk of a tree.
Tom Waits, Misery River

Comment from Arkady Dolgoruky

"What a fascinating thought! No, the secret awareness of power is unbearably more enjoyable than manifest domination. If I were worth a hundred million, I think I'd precisely enjoy going around in my old clothes, so as to be taken for the measliest of men, who all but begs for alms, and be pushed around and despised; for me, the consciousness alone would be enough!"
Arkady Dolgoruky

A Raw Youth/The Adolescent/An Accidental Family